Military Experience and Trading

Stuart McPhee shares a trading story from his past focusing on the discipline of trading. He shares his military experience, which was his life's best experience. One of the things he remembers is that every morning he was awake at six A.M. and did an hour and a half of physical training. It was a really intensive stuff, he loved it.

Stock Market Control

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about the illusion of control when trading the stock markets. We come to trading that we are very comfortable with and that means that you are in the control of things. We come from another walk of life, another profession and we do have a great deal of control. We may be business owners, we can be doctors and we have a huge deal of control of what goes on in this environment. All people have different levels of control. So he says that we have to think about what level of control we have at different points in time.

Trading Skills: Patience

In this video, Stuart McPhee discusses why he considers patience a vital skill of top trading. When he first started trading, he felt like he did not want to miss any opportunity. Especially when you have a strategy, you are always afraid not to lose any opportunity. One big thing that helped him move his trading forward was to focus on patience. He used patience so he can focus only on one market and do not choose any opportunity that arrived there.

The Holy Grail of Trading

In this video Stuart McPhee talks about the search for the holy grail of trading. Most people are searching the holy grail of trading, they think that they are going to find the answer and all their dreams will come true. Back in 1999 he was trying the going back system, which was testing all kinds of different of combinations. It takes only half an hour to develop everything you need to develop to trade well for the rest of your life. He believes that back then he was looking for that holy grail because he thought it cannot be that difficult.

Technical Analysis Tutorial: The Basics

In this video, Stuart McPhee shares his simple yet profoundly effective technical analysis rules. He says that now he is trading medium-term. He had peaks and downs during a three month period that he takes as example. How critical is the timing of this entry? It is not critical at all. If you identify the three peaks and two or three days of drops. Someone could say that one is a previous peak and there must be a continuation of the up-trend and must go to another high peak.

Trading Probabilities: A Game of Chance?

In this video, Stuart McPhee, with a simple example, shows why most traders get it wrong when trading. He presents two boxes. You cannot see inside the boxes. But he can tell you that the first box has three marbles in it. Three of them are green and one is red. The other box has only one marble, a green one. If you would have the opportunity to put your hand in one of those boxes and collect only one marble. If you collect the green marble from the first box, Stuart will give you one thousand dollars, but if you collect a red one you will not get anything.

New York Traders Expo Interview

In this video Stuart McPhee talks about technical methods he uses at video networks. He takes presentations all over the world and he always speaks about the importance of having a trading plan. He is a technical analyst and he loves looking at charts. The big advantage of looking at charts is the price which ultimately determines if you make profit or not. When Stuart started out, one of the things he was very fascinated of was technical indicators.

Trading Risk Management

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about how you can briefly about handling the difficult times in trading. He presented at the New York Traders Expo in the United States on Sunday 22nd February 2009. He says that he visited back in 1998 the World Trade Center and now he is remembering how beautiful it was. It is a very emotional place to be and it remembers him of trading. Situations like in World Trade Center case allows you to put things in two perspectives, how do you deal with situations where things don't work, when you lose money.

Trading Plan

In this video, Stuart McPhee makes a description for his website, As you can see looking at the name, the main message is having a trading plan. Stuart can assure you that all successfully traders have a trading plan, they follow it and they do this with a lot of confidence. When you start, it is not quite easy to have a trading plan and implement it that is why his website is here - to help you. The website has over 250 pages of content.

Trading in a Nutshell

In this video Stuart McPhee talks about Trading in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition, which has been released following the solid success of the previous two editions (released in 2001 and 2005). Trading in a Nutshell just come out in 2008. There are seven years from the first edition and Stuart is the first to admit how much he learned himself about the market during this period and so he put information he achieved in this book. He hopes readers will enjoy it.

Key message: Have a Trading Plan!

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