Ultra Comfort

Ultra comfort is a level of competence whereby you feel a sense of well-being and contentment on a regular basis with your decisions, however you are routinely making decisions that make most traders terribly uncomfortable so uncomfortable, that they often drift away and end up deciding based on what will make them feel most comfortable instead. Last year, Stuart McPhee was doing a presentation for a large group of people talking about trading and decisions that he need to take and he talked specifically about two things that any trader should have: confidence and comfort.

The Intelligent Investor: Dollar Cost Averaging

The Intelligent Investor, written by Benjamin Graham, is the definitive book on value investing. In this video series, from one to twenty four, we will supply guidance in the adoption and execution of investment policy. Still, comparatively little will be said here about the technique of analyzing securities. Attention will be paid cheaply to investment principles and investors attitudes.

Call Options Tutorial

In this video, Rebecca, from Zecco Sirens, is trying to teach us the basics and talks about the simplest of all options trades: the purchasing of a call option. The Wall Street guys want to make us think that it is very complicated, so you can pay them fat commissions to do it for you. She will show that anyone can understand a call option. Using call option, you will have the right to purchase a stock at a specific price. That price is called the strike price.

Choosing the Best Trading Method

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about choosing the best trading method. He says that things are moving so fast nowadays that we cannot see a changing sometime. For this reason, he thinks that there are several people that should be excluded from trading certain styles. Lets say we start trading to make some money. There are different styles of investing, short-term or long-term investors, but many people prefer short-term because that means getting money quicker. So that's why people trading - to make money.

Trading Styles

CMC Markets Online CFD trading Platform Walkthrough

Discover the power of Marketmaker web.

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CMC Markets' Marketmaker CFD Trading Platform

CMC Markets' is a tool for traders.

You have three versions of their award winning trading platform, Marketmaker, to choose from. Simple, but intuitive, Marketmaker Web is the browser based edition which lets you trade from any computer connected to the internet.

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CMC Markets Financial Spread Betting Platform

The Marketmaker Web spread betting platform has been designed to compliment CMC Markets' Desktop and Mobile platform suite. With no downloads necessary, customers can spread bet from any computer across a wide range of web browsers. There are thousands of global instruments to trade including Equities, Indices, Sectors, Commodities and Currencies.

Covered Call Options Education

In this video, Liz teaches us how to trade options using a covered call. The world of options trading is a very complicated one. She is going to use Zecco Trading as an options trading platform. A covered call is an investment strategy. You own a specific stock and then you write a call against that stock. By doing that, you will increase the chance of making money on the stock. Everybody knows that when you buy a stock if the price of that stock goes up you make money and if it goes down you loose money. But when you write a covered call you collect option premium immediately.

Investing Basics Tutorial

In this video, Liz from Zecco Zirens is going to talk about Investing. Most people work hard and nobody wants to go for money at a bank. You can invest your money but you don't want to pay a broker to work with your money but in the same time you are nervous about investing alone your own money. So, she is going to show how to put some money on stocks. Investing does not have to be complicated. Investing it is a two step process. First you need to decide what kind of investor you are: A growth investor, a balanced investor or maybe an income investor.

Put Options Education

In this video, Veronica from Zecco Zirens speaks about Put Options. This is a trade that gives you the right to sell a stock to someone else at a specific price somewhere in the future. Brokers want you to know that this is a very complicated trade so you will pay them to do it for you. You can learn the loan put option strategy by watching this video. Investors are using the loan put strategy when they predict that a stock will go down in price.

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