Australian Online Share Trading

There is a new player on the Online Trading Market and he is competing fairly on price. Stephen Goh is invited to a show in this video, he says that now there is a period of changes on the online trading market. He developed some new technologies to deliver great new services on the market, comparative with everything else on the market. It is an online full brokerage, it has been developed by a team which pioneered online brokerage back in 1990, they live in the online broking space.

Turtle Trading Insights & Trading Like a Robot

Stuart McPhee talks in this video about turtle trading & trading like a robot. Turtles take a group of people, talk to them about some rules and tell those people to go ahead and try them and they quickly have success. In New York you have many graduates colleagues going to very large brokerage companies and being given a trading system to try and a huge amount of the company's money to try with. And that is their job. They receive a trading plan to try it and after that they split the money with the company.

Trading Mistakes & Excuses

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about trading mistakes and excuses. He says that several years ago him and one of his friends ran a full day of presentations. They had all day different presentations, each of them in a different room. Before they started the day, he asked the audience to write their worst ever trade and the people were quite honest. During a break he took those papers and read all of them. Most of them were still in the trade, had their price unknown, just some classic possible worse case scenarios.

Trading Psychology: Confidence

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about how to get trading confidence. How do you get confidence? You can go to all trading experts, and to all book-shops and everything else and you cannot see a box with confidence in it for $99. There is no way you can go and purchase confidence. Yet, we know that is vital. So, how can you get confidence, do you think how can you develop it? He says that confidence comes from one thing - you. Think about something you are very good at doing, playing golf, play at the piano, running your business. Then think about how confident you are doing it.

Understanding Stock Trading Fundamental Analysis Tutorial

In this video Veronica from Zecco Zirens will try to teach you the basics of Fundamental Analysis. This is the most common method to evaluate a company stock potential. You can buy a stock because your aunt said to, but sometimes it is a good idea to get more technical than that. Fundamental Analysis is nothing more than checking in the general health of a company. Fundamental Analysis grabs a number of facts from a company, compares those facts with your outlook and the stocks real price and suggests to buy or to sell.

Understanding Stock Trading Technical Analysis Tutorial

In this video, Rebecca from Zecco Zirens talks about Technical Analysis. Everybody talks about Technical Analysis, but very few people actually understand it. The guys from Wall Street are just trying to scare you, but it is quite simple and logical. Technical Analysis simply ignores the fundamentals like earnings and focuses on the short-term supplying demand for a given stock. Is it under valuated? No one cares. Is it overvalued? Not if everyone wants a part of it.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett talk Business Principles

In this video Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are answering to some questions coming from a student on Keeping America Great. The student asks Warren how do they encourage business leaders to understand contacts and connect the dots. Buffett says that he learned a lot about this in the last year and they have at Berkshire almost seventy managers. He thinks that having some principles takes you through everything and the BedRock principles could take him to remember that he does not need to worry about it because he knows that they work.

Bruce Berkowitz Investment Strategies

Bruce Berkowitz gives his insights about what is going on the market and where is he putting his money right now. His favourite stocks are recession-proof, defense and health care, because the health care companies are generating significant amounts of free cash and they are doing their job. He says that there is nothing more important at the end of the day than health and safety of us. Health care companies are the companies that will help to improve the United States system.

Warren Buffett’s Financial Rules

In the times when trust, respect and financial return are hard to come on Wall Street, one man continues to be on top. Those from Good Morning America asked Warren Buffett what advice he can give to all Americans. So he gives some rules:

  • If it is too good to be true, then it probably is
  • Always look at how much the other guy is making when he is trying to sell you something
  • Stay away from leverage

Guy Spier Says Lunch With Buffett Worth It!

Guy Spier had a lunch back in 2007 with Warren Buffett, and according to what he says, it worth every penny. He is speaking now from Zurich, Switzerland, and he says that is one thing to be at a meeting with other people near Buffett, and another thing to be one-on-one with Warren at a table. Warren moved away from being social and was engaging with him that was an incredible feeling, and even just for that feeling it was worth every penny he gave. At the lunch, he says that the most important thing was the approach Warren had to his life.

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