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There is a new player on the Online Trading Market and he is competing fairly on price. Stephen Goh is invited to a show in this video, he says that now there is a period of changes on the online trading market. He developed some new technologies to deliver great new services on the market, comparative with everything else on the market. It is an online full brokerage, it has been developed by a team which pioneered online brokerage back in 1990, they live in the online broking space. The host asks him how can he beat the competition, and he says that experience is a big thing and for all other providers on the market place, they only rely on many vendors while he provides only original solutions, they do everything themselves.

Back in 1996, he was involved in his first online brokerage project, while trying to create a web service to help all Australian investors. In 2000 was a fantastic time for innovation in the online brokerage space but soon became kind of boring so they are trying to shake it up now. Stephen Goh says that all other competitors are using old technology, while they use Web 2.0 technology now, providing user friendly platforms, making sure that their experience gets better, all information is being put together so is easier for users to access opportunities on the markets.

Stephen Goh is asked by the host of the show to make a list of what makes his platform different from the others. Using his service, they can get true live information on static web pages, they are able to get news and prices in a different way, he delivers performance systems which don’t slow down when the market opens, there is a list of innovations. He thinks that more people will use the online share trading systems, they are more involved in the market place.

Stephen Goh quotes from this video:

  • Online brokerage space became boring, so we are trying to shake it up
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