Bill Gates Talks About Warren Buffett

Bill Gates says that he was in the world of writing software, being an engineer, and Warren Buffett was in the world of picking stocks. When Warren asks Gates about IBM and Hewlett Packard, how they price their products, what is the nature of competition or what he would if he got to run these companies, Bill sees that his investing was just an outcome from having an incredible model of business in business value. Their first meeting turned into a daylong discussion.

Buffett's computer skills

When Bill Gates met the first time Warren Buffett, he saw that he has no computer skills. But in 1994, he was starting to do online bridge. Now, he looks up for currency prices, trading numbers or various articles from home, and it was bridge that helped him get familiar with the keyboard.

Buffett's role in running the businesses he owns

Gates says that Warren is an incredible person doing everything that needs to be done, he is dedicated to the specific details about his business.

How Buffett finds out about businesses

Bill thinks that you need to talk to Warren only ten minutes about a business, and he would know what are the things to look and ask for, he doesn't need a massive briefing on something. Once, they both visited Microsoft, and after half a day doing this, Warren said: "Now I've toward Microsoft more than any business that I own". On-site tours are not part of what he does for businesses analysis. Just the idea of keeping your schedule simple is a philosophy of life, trying to do only things that you are good at it.

Buffett's house

Warren doesn't like extraneous things on his schedule, so that's how he does with his house, living in the same house he's had since the nineteen fifties. It is a house with Nebraska standards, there is nothing fancy at it, just a nice house and an Omaha neighborhood.

How Buffett decided to give the bulk of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were been talking about giving money away, Bill talked him about the Gates Foundation and global health and about the amazing fact that for a few thousands of dollars you could save a life, that there is a great progress being made, so for Warren was fun to see Bill how engaged he was to that type of engagement. At that time, Warren's wife Suzie was going to get the responsibility for deciding how to give the money back. It is a tragic thing that she died younger. Quickly after that Warren did decide to split the money between a number of foundations, but with the substantial portion coming to Gates foundation. The money allowed them to be far more aggressive with new vaccines and new seed for farmers.

How Gates and Buffett's philanthropy could encourage others to give
Bill Gates met some rich people and asked them how they think about these things. They both would love it if in sharing their enthusiasm for giving they could get more people involved.

Gates' commitment to being a Director of Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett has done so much for Bill Gates in terms of advice, helping him learn things. So Bill helps him with the Berkshire board, and this is for him top business priority.

Gates' tribute to Buffett

Gates says that Buffett is a unique leader, he cannot think of anyone close. In terms of thoughts and business itself and how it helps society, Warren Buffett is singular.

Berkshire Hathaway in the future

Berkshire Hathaway is an unbelievable franchise, its economic value will continue to go up. This is a great company.

Bill Gates’ quotes from this video:

  • I've learned so much from Warren I can no longer tell
  • I would never be able to thank him enough for what he's done
  • No one will be as good as Warren Buffett
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