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Bruce Berkowitz gives his insights about what is going on the market and where is he putting his money right now. His favourite stocks are recession-proof, defense and health care, because the health care companies are generating significant amounts of free cash and they are doing their job. He says that there is nothing more important at the end of the day than health and safety of us. Health care companies are the companies that will help to improve the United States system.

Bruce says that there is always talk about cutting off the budgets of health care or defense, but this two are what it takes to protect the country. The bottom line with the defense companies is that the prices have been so decimated that is not going to take much for them to do quite well. The major defense contractors make the defense system of the United States. Bruce Berkowitz says that he likes the assets of the Sears company, he likes the brand of this company and is a model of a company that generates a significant amount of free cash.

He sold his stake in Hathaway Berkshire, about he says that it is a great company. The United States market is a market for business people for stock pickers, for security selected, and he says that right now they have double digit cash amounts enough, they have the flexibility, they have the patience and this is a very good environment. This is the kind of environment Bruce Berkowitz likes and he hopes that it will stay this way for a decade until.

Bruce Berkowitz quotes from this video:

  • Investing is all about what you give versus what you get.
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