Choosing the Best Trading Method

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about choosing the best trading method. He says that things are moving so fast nowadays that we cannot see a changing sometime. For this reason, he thinks that there are several people that should be excluded from trading certain styles. Lets say we start trading to make some money. There are different styles of investing, short-term or long-term investors, but many people prefer short-term because that means getting money quicker. So that's why people trading - to make money.

Trading Styles

If you get a person who works full time, he is a parent, he is a husband or wife, runs his own business, how can he find the time to trade? Where can you find that time? You cannot find. Because trading on short-term requires a lot of time. Short-term needs you several times a day. If you would have all the time in the world, that opens you up to all variety of trading styles, you have the opportunity to do all kinds of different things. You are limited by time and maybe you need to adopt a medium approach, which does not demand you as much time. Taking courses, reading books, takes a lot of time. So, as you can see, time is a very important factor.

Stuart McPhee quotes from this video:

  • Why are we trading? To make money!
  • Life has never been easier
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