Guy Spier Says Lunch With Buffett Worth It!

Guy Spier had a lunch back in 2007 with Warren Buffett, and according to what he says, it worth every penny. He is speaking now from Zurich, Switzerland, and he says that is one thing to be at a meeting with other people near Buffett, and another thing to be one-on-one with Warren at a table. Warren moved away from being social and was engaging with him that was an incredible feeling, and even just for that feeling it was worth every penny he gave. At the lunch, he says that the most important thing was the approach Warren had to his life.

Warren Buffett came up with a number of examples of how he had done in his life, and so after the launch, Guy Spier came away examining himself and thinking what changes does he need to make. He says that you cannot translate the effects of the launch immediate after the lunch, but he believes that over four or five years his results will be better than they would have been without this lunch. They got deep intro all sorts of Warren's life investments that he had made. We can see at the end that for Guy, Buffett is the hero, who sits there on a pedestal and he is willing to put his foibles on the table and talk about them honestly.

Guy Spier quotes from this video:

  • Warren Buffett came to lunch with an extremely generous spirit and he was willing to engage in every level.
  • The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.
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