Martin Whitman On Wealth Track

Martin Whitman is a legendary value investor and the founder of the highly respected Third Avenue Management Portfolio manager. He has been a value investor for more than fifty years and the author of two books, "Aggressive Conservative Investor" and "Value Investing - A balanced approach". About the economy situation, he thinks that it is a situation that is getting worse slowly over the year that began a year ago with the financial turbulence, then spread throughout the financial system, affecting the housing sector...

He thinks that the situation changed several weeks ago when the money market started to deteriorate. What was several years ago a local problem, has become now a global financial problem. Martin Whitman thinks that this is the time for investors to get rich. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for certain industries. You need to get companies that don't need any access to capital markets and this is the royal road to riches. But now, there is a panic based on fear to invest.

Martin Whitman quotes from this video:

  • I am sure my technique would work very well, but it won't if you try and pick a bottom. You buy when values are good enough and companies are safe.
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