Military Experience and Trading

Stuart McPhee shares a trading story from his past focusing on the discipline of trading. He shares his military experience, which was his life's best experience. One of the things he remembers is that every morning he was awake at six A.M. and did an hour and a half of physical training. It was a really intensive stuff, he loved it. One of the things he loved to do and has to do with trading, when seven thirty was approaching, the smell of the breakfast was coming and the sun was about to come up, smile started to appear on the officers faces and there was obviously why, because there was a finish line and they are done. They started to talk a little bit more, smileys come up to their faces, they were all ok.

At the finish line, the first thing to do was to get their equipment off, do a few stretches. That was a morning work out done pretty well. Somewhere before the finish line there was a white line marking the last line of the road. And their officers told them to pull up again their equipment and that they have three minutes to arrive at that line, touch it and get back there. From all of a sudden they were thinking that it was all done and that the breakfast is coming, and they had to go back to the white line, with the risk that if in three minutes they don't get back, they would do it again and again until they reach the goal of three minutes.

So at this moment all smileys were gone, they shoulders were down again. It was a huge learning point. For Stuart McPhee was a mental aspect. Sometimes things happen when you don’t expect them. Sometimes you think everything is all right, you are feeling good about yourself and something bad comes. Life is 10 percent what it happens to you, but 90 percent how you react to it. Always in a group there are those who give it up, and there are those who never lower their shoulders. The last ones are good for challenging us. Mentally, they are more prepared than the others. They deal with the reality and do it in the right way.

Stuart McPhee quotes from this video:

  • Life is 10 percent what it happens to you, but 90 percent how you react to it
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