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Peter Lynch is known throughout the world for its tremendous success at Fidelity Magellan Fund. For 19 years under Peter's leadership Magellan leveraged the wealth of average people and transformed the way that working class Americans viewed investing. At its peak, one in everyone hundred Americans was a Magellan investor. Two of his books about investing were sold more than one million copies. His greatest achievements came after he retired from Magellan in 1990 and devoted himself to providing educational opportunities for inner-city students. Over the past twenty years, Lynch foundation has raised more than one hundred twenty five million dollars for countless organizations.

Peter Lynch is introduced into the Academy of Distinguished Bostonians. He says that he spent only two years outside Boston. He wants to speak about being a volunteer, which changed his life. He was involved for about thirty five years. Many Americans do volunteering just because it is good for them, they love it, they see the results, they enjoy what they are doing and they get no recognition while he gets awarded for that. You never hear about them on the news. Volunteering has a dramatically lower rate in the last six years.

He wants to see more enthusiasm from volunteers because it costs nothing to do that, so he asks himself why is not this happening in every single business in Boston? In every business in America? Because this is what is really helping United States. Peter Lynch wants to thank to the members of the Academy for that recognition he received and says that Boston is a great place to live and to work, having so much more to achieve. This is a great moment in his life and he wants also to thank his wife Carolyn for what she has done for him for forty-one years. Thank you so much!

Peter Lynch quotes from this video:

  • I love Boston. Great places, the people are great. And it is going to get better.
  • In 2007, sixty six million Americans did formal volunteer work. That is remarkable to me.
  • Volunteerism is unique to America. it is a great thing, but it is not understood.
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