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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett talk Business Principles

In this video Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are answering to some questions coming from a student on Keeping America Great. The student asks Warren how do they encourage business leaders to understand contacts and connect the dots. Buffett says that he learned a lot about this in the last year and they have at Berkshire almost seventy managers. He thinks that having some principles takes you through everything and the BedRock principles could take him to remember that he does not need to worry about it because he knows that they work.

Bill Gates Talks About Warren Buffett

Bill Gates says that he was in the world of writing software, being an engineer, and Warren Buffett was in the world of picking stocks. When Warren asks Gates about IBM and Hewlett Packard, how they price their products, what is the nature of competition or what he would if he got to run these companies, Bill sees that his investing was just an outcome from having an incredible model of business in business value. Their first meeting turned into a daylong discussion.

Buffett's computer skills

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