David Dreman

David Dreman On Stocks and Real Estate

David Dreman in invited on CNBC for an interview. The host asks David about the world stocks and if he could turn back in time, if he went into stocks and real estate specifically. He thinks so, if he would have had one trillion dollars, he would probably get into it. It's a good moment for stocks and for real estate as well. The market inflation meets the market hyper inflation. The FED are saying that they have an exit strategy. The FED has to wait until employment starts to come down, probably next year, so David can't see how they could have an exit strategy at this moment.

David Dreman Talks About Value

Earning in oil, a topic firing up investors in recent days in New York. What does it do for earnings and forecast, at this questions is going to give an answer David Dreman. He has been dealing with the markets ups and downs for just about fourteen years. He is being asked by the host what makes the stock compatible. He thinks that the supply demand in in his favor this year, even if the prices are moving higher.

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