Warren Buffet Talks About the Economy, USA

In this video Warren Buffett talks about economy, Democratic candidates and businesses on CNBC. First, he talks about the Democrat candidates for the president of the USA, Clinton and Obama. He is not measuring if one of them will be good for economy and he is not expecting the stock market to go up the next day after one of them will be chosen. The real question for Buffett is whether they be good for the economy that he develops, so he is supporting both of them at the moment. Warren Buffett thinks that the best thing in economy at this moment is represented by the stocks.

Warren Buffett Vs America

Warren Buffett says that he reads at least five papers a day and he is invited to go through some headlines from some newspapers. They start with the Wall Street Journal, but depending on which paper you pick up, some of them say that Buffett is very optimistic about the future while other say that he is very concerned. He says that he is very optimistic about the future of the United States, saying that there is no way you can bet against America and win.

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