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Easy Fundamental Analysis Part 4

In this video, the speaker shows how to find a stock that performs well by using free tools available on the web. As an example, the speaker shows a chart for a company in the medical sector. He says that the health sector has historically been defensive during poor market performance, and this is a characteristic of a stock to add to a diversified portfolio. If you can't view the trading video above, you can watch it here.

Easy Fundamental Analysis Part 3

In this video, the speaker explains why traders should bother with Fundamental Analysis at all even if it belongs in the past and appears to have no predictive value. The reason is risk reduction, where risk equals volatility. If you can't view the trading video above, you can watch it here.

Easy Fundamental Analysis Part 2

This video is about taking the fluff out of fundamental analysis and making it accessible. The speaker stresses that the simplified form of fundamental analysis can make be a huge difference in your investing success. If you can't view the trading video above, you can watch it here.

There are questions to be answered when doing fundamental analysis, simplified or otherwise. The speaker names the following:

Easy Fundamental Analysis Part 1

This video is about making fundamental analysis accessible to anyone interested in stocks or those interested in understanding stocks. Analysts and companies rely on concepts like D/E (debt to equity), PEG (price earnings to growth ratio), P/E (price to earnings ratio), and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) to study the market, terms that are daunting for the ordinary trader. (If the video above isn't playing it is also available here.

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

In this video, the speaker talks about the difference between fundamental and technical analysis and how psychology is an important element that should go alongside with both.

Beginner traders make the assumption that some traders are successful because one group employs fundamental analysis while the other uses technical analysis. So which method is better at predicting price movements? The answer is both, and one is irrelevant without the other.

Understanding Stock Trading Fundamental Analysis Tutorial

In this video Veronica from Zecco Zirens will try to teach you the basics of Fundamental Analysis. This is the most common method to evaluate a company stock potential. You can buy a stock because your aunt said to, but sometimes it is a good idea to get more technical than that. Fundamental Analysis is nothing more than checking in the general health of a company. Fundamental Analysis grabs a number of facts from a company, compares those facts with your outlook and the stocks real price and suggests to buy or to sell.

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