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Choosing the Best Trading Method

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about choosing the best trading method. He says that things are moving so fast nowadays that we cannot see a changing sometime. For this reason, he thinks that there are several people that should be excluded from trading certain styles. Lets say we start trading to make some money. There are different styles of investing, short-term or long-term investors, but many people prefer short-term because that means getting money quicker. So that's why people trading - to make money.

Trading Styles

Australian Online Share Trading

There is a new player on the Online Trading Market and he is competing fairly on price. Stephen Goh is invited to a show in this video, he says that now there is a period of changes on the online trading market. He developed some new technologies to deliver great new services on the market, comparative with everything else on the market. It is an online full brokerage, it has been developed by a team which pioneered online brokerage back in 1990, they live in the online broking space.

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