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Learn Stock Trading First

In this video the speakers talks about stocks. There is always going to be new products to catch attention on stocks and the forex is something that is in vogue and everybody seems to be attracted to it. After you will analyse the risk level you are going to opt for, you will probably choose a short-term trading system. If you are new, you will go to trade in the forex because the high amount of leverage, but the chances are that you are going to lose money. In the first twelve months you will wish not to lose money so you will have to trade something that fits to that level of risk.

Trading Risk Management

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about how you can briefly about handling the difficult times in trading. He presented at the New York Traders Expo in the United States on Sunday 22nd February 2009. He says that he visited back in 1998 the World Trade Center and now he is remembering how beautiful it was. It is a very emotional place to be and it remembers him of trading. Situations like in World Trade Center case allows you to put things in two perspectives, how do you deal with situations where things don't work, when you lose money.

Choosing the Best Trading Method

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about choosing the best trading method. He says that things are moving so fast nowadays that we cannot see a changing sometime. For this reason, he thinks that there are several people that should be excluded from trading certain styles. Lets say we start trading to make some money. There are different styles of investing, short-term or long-term investors, but many people prefer short-term because that means getting money quicker. So that's why people trading - to make money.

Trading Styles

Australian Online Share Trading

There is a new player on the Online Trading Market and he is competing fairly on price. Stephen Goh is invited to a show in this video, he says that now there is a period of changes on the online trading market. He developed some new technologies to deliver great new services on the market, comparative with everything else on the market. It is an online full brokerage, it has been developed by a team which pioneered online brokerage back in 1990, they live in the online broking space.

Turtle Trading Insights & Trading Like a Robot

Stuart McPhee talks in this video about turtle trading & trading like a robot. Turtles take a group of people, talk to them about some rules and tell those people to go ahead and try them and they quickly have success. In New York you have many graduates colleagues going to very large brokerage companies and being given a trading system to try and a huge amount of the company's money to try with. And that is their job. They receive a trading plan to try it and after that they split the money with the company.

Understanding Stock Trading Fundamental Analysis Tutorial

In this video Veronica from Zecco Zirens will try to teach you the basics of Fundamental Analysis. This is the most common method to evaluate a company stock potential. You can buy a stock because your aunt said to, but sometimes it is a good idea to get more technical than that. Fundamental Analysis is nothing more than checking in the general health of a company. Fundamental Analysis grabs a number of facts from a company, compares those facts with your outlook and the stocks real price and suggests to buy or to sell.

Understanding Stock Trading Technical Analysis Tutorial

In this video, Rebecca from Zecco Zirens talks about Technical Analysis. Everybody talks about Technical Analysis, but very few people actually understand it. The guys from Wall Street are just trying to scare you, but it is quite simple and logical. Technical Analysis simply ignores the fundamentals like earnings and focuses on the short-term supplying demand for a given stock. Is it under valuated? No one cares. Is it overvalued? Not if everyone wants a part of it.

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