Learn Stock Trading First

In this video the speakers talks about stocks. There is always going to be new products to catch attention on stocks and the forex is something that is in vogue and everybody seems to be attracted to it. After you will analyse the risk level you are going to opt for, you will probably choose a short-term trading system. If you are new, you will go to trade in the forex because the high amount of leverage, but the chances are that you are going to lose money. In the first twelve months you will wish not to lose money so you will have to trade something that fits to that level of risk.

Warren Buffett's Feelings About the Stockmarket and Life

In this video, Warren Buffett gives some interesting insights about his thoughts about the stockmarket and shares his theory about life and luck.

Warren Buffett talks about how investing and owning stocks give you feelings about the stock which aren't reciprocated. Buffett also prefers stock prices to go down... way down, so its like buying the stocks on sale and an investor can make better buys, which will be worth more in 20 to 30 years time.

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