David Dreman On Stocks and Real Estate

David Dreman in invited on CNBC for an interview. The host asks David about the world stocks and if he could turn back in time, if he went into stocks and real estate specifically. He thinks so, if he would have had one trillion dollars, he would probably get into it. It's a good moment for stocks and for real estate as well. The market inflation meets the market hyper inflation. The FED are saying that they have an exit strategy. The FED has to wait until employment starts to come down, probably next year, so David can't see how they could have an exit strategy at this moment.

Warren Buffett on Business and Stocks

Someone in the public asks Warren Buffett what he looks for in a company. He says that the likes only businesses that he understands, he invests only in what he understands because this is going to narrow things down in a quick way. He raises a can of Coke, saying about it that it is easy to understand, being a simple business. Of course, it's not an easy business, but a simple business. A business should benefit from a valuable castle in its center and the castle must be surrounded by a moat. 3 qualities must have the person that runs the business: to be capable, honest and hard-working.

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