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Money Management - The Primary Aim of Trading

In this video, Stuart McPhee says that no matter what aims you may identify when first determining what you are setting out to achieve with your trading, all aims are secondary to your primary goal — preserving your capital. This is by far the most important aspect of successful trading.

Making money is not the most important aim. The money that you have are the most important. Protecting the money that you have is the most important aim. Making money is also important. He was sometime asked what is his best advice for a trader and he said that he would say not to get out.

A Simple Trading Strategy using Relative Strength

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about a simple trading strategy using a concept called relative strength that can be applied to stocks, forex and futures markets over any time frame. He starts talking about sector analysis, which means finding the best performing sectors or industry groups. This is a trading strategy which is widely used by many people over many years. The concept of relative strength is measuring the performance of one thing against another.

New York Traders Expo Interview #3

In this video, Stuart McPhee conducts an interview at video network. Usually, Stuart talks a lot about having a trading plan, and one of the most important things is the psychology of trading which most traders are not using it. The last thing that people consider when they start trading is how their mind will play a role in their trading success. In making mistakes and losing money our mind plays the most important role. For the success is the same. We make so many things from instincts and we evolved through many years based on our instincts. But in trading you cannot do that.

New York Traders Expo Interview #2

In this video we can see an interview with Stuart McPhee about why traders fail. Many people get into trading, they think they have a strategy, they focus on that, but a high percent of them don't make it into trading business. This may be due to a lack of a plan. He thinks that people are attracted to trading because they can make a lot of money, they focus on the first decision they make on a trading process and so they ignore other things. You need a complete trading plan which has three things, the mindset, the money management and the method.

I Don't Use Technical Trading Indicators

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about why he doesn't use technical trading indicators in his trading. This is one favorite topic for Stuart when it comes about Technical Analysis. One of the common questions about trading is what are the best indicators to use. He thinks that people have a tendency to complicate things. At the beginning people say that trading is not easy so you think that you need a complicated solution for this to make it work. So you use one indicator to calculate what is the best solution.

Stock Market Control

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about the illusion of control when trading the stock markets. We come to trading that we are very comfortable with and that means that you are in the control of things. We come from another walk of life, another profession and we do have a great deal of control. We may be business owners, we can be doctors and we have a huge deal of control of what goes on in this environment. All people have different levels of control. So he says that we have to think about what level of control we have at different points in time.

Trading Skills: Patience

In this video, Stuart McPhee discusses why he considers patience a vital skill of top trading. When he first started trading, he felt like he did not want to miss any opportunity. Especially when you have a strategy, you are always afraid not to lose any opportunity. One big thing that helped him move his trading forward was to focus on patience. He used patience so he can focus only on one market and do not choose any opportunity that arrived there.

The Holy Grail of Trading

In this video Stuart McPhee talks about the search for the holy grail of trading. Most people are searching the holy grail of trading, they think that they are going to find the answer and all their dreams will come true. Back in 1999 he was trying the going back system, which was testing all kinds of different of combinations. It takes only half an hour to develop everything you need to develop to trade well for the rest of your life. He believes that back then he was looking for that holy grail because he thought it cannot be that difficult.

Technical Analysis Tutorial: The Basics

In this video, Stuart McPhee shares his simple yet profoundly effective technical analysis rules. He says that now he is trading medium-term. He had peaks and downs during a three month period that he takes as example. How critical is the timing of this entry? It is not critical at all. If you identify the three peaks and two or three days of drops. Someone could say that one is a previous peak and there must be a continuation of the up-trend and must go to another high peak.

Trading Probabilities: A Game of Chance?

In this video, Stuart McPhee, with a simple example, shows why most traders get it wrong when trading. He presents two boxes. You cannot see inside the boxes. But he can tell you that the first box has three marbles in it. Three of them are green and one is red. The other box has only one marble, a green one. If you would have the opportunity to put your hand in one of those boxes and collect only one marble. If you collect the green marble from the first box, Stuart will give you one thousand dollars, but if you collect a red one you will not get anything.

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