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How to Use the MACD Technical Indicator - Part 3

This is part three of the MACD video series. The speaker explains the advantages of the MACD's histogram, which he considers as another reliable signal.

How to Use the MACD Technical Indicator - Part 2

In this part 2 of the MACD video series, the speaker explains the indicators' "forecasting capabilities". The speaker also identifies signals that are more reliable than the commonly used MACD/signal line crossovers.

How to Use the MACD Technical Indicator - Part 1

In this video, the speaker defines MACD and explains its features.

The Hidden Secrets of Technical Analysis

In this video novice traders will discover the other side of the technical analysis that they are not aware of, or just afraid to go because it may require a lot work.

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

In this video, the speaker talks about the difference between fundamental and technical analysis and how psychology is an important element that should go alongside with both.

Beginner traders make the assumption that some traders are successful because one group employs fundamental analysis while the other uses technical analysis. So which method is better at predicting price movements? The answer is both, and one is irrelevant without the other.

A Simple Trading Strategy using Relative Strength

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about a simple trading strategy using a concept called relative strength that can be applied to stocks, forex and futures markets over any time frame. He starts talking about sector analysis, which means finding the best performing sectors or industry groups. This is a trading strategy which is widely used by many people over many years. The concept of relative strength is measuring the performance of one thing against another.

Trends & The Simple Moving Average

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about trends and the simple moving average. As you move in time the application of volume just loses its relevance and importance. One of the things that Stuart does is to buy things that are going up, things that are moving higher. He prefers to buy after a three months period of increase. He does not look to buy after two or three weeks after the stock goes higher. He is perfectly happy to wait until the period of three months knowing that it has a period of consolidation.

Technical Analysis Tutorial: The Basics

In this video, Stuart McPhee shares his simple yet profoundly effective technical analysis rules. He says that now he is trading medium-term. He had peaks and downs during a three month period that he takes as example. How critical is the timing of this entry? It is not critical at all. If you identify the three peaks and two or three days of drops. Someone could say that one is a previous peak and there must be a continuation of the up-trend and must go to another high peak.

Understanding Stock Trading Technical Analysis Tutorial

In this video, Rebecca from Zecco Zirens talks about Technical Analysis. Everybody talks about Technical Analysis, but very few people actually understand it. The guys from Wall Street are just trying to scare you, but it is quite simple and logical. Technical Analysis simply ignores the fundamentals like earnings and focuses on the short-term supplying demand for a given stock. Is it under valuated? No one cares. Is it overvalued? Not if everyone wants a part of it.

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