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Is Trading Hard or Easy?

Trading can be hard and easy - which one is it for you? In this video Stuart McPhee explains specific situations where we are required to be counter intuitive. He was running with one of his friends once and he asked him about trading if it is hard or easy. This is a fantastic question. He is trying to respond in very basic terms. Often, the steps along trading success are not obvious and often the majority of actions and decisions are counter intuitive. Trading really is counter intuitive. He applies this idea to more specific situations.

Military Experience and Trading

Stuart McPhee shares a trading story from his past focusing on the discipline of trading. He shares his military experience, which was his life's best experience. One of the things he remembers is that every morning he was awake at six A.M. and did an hour and a half of physical training. It was a really intensive stuff, he loved it.

Stock Market Control

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about the illusion of control when trading the stock markets. We come to trading that we are very comfortable with and that means that you are in the control of things. We come from another walk of life, another profession and we do have a great deal of control. We may be business owners, we can be doctors and we have a huge deal of control of what goes on in this environment. All people have different levels of control. So he says that we have to think about what level of control we have at different points in time.

Ultra Comfort

Ultra comfort is a level of competence whereby you feel a sense of well-being and contentment on a regular basis with your decisions, however you are routinely making decisions that make most traders terribly uncomfortable so uncomfortable, that they often drift away and end up deciding based on what will make them feel most comfortable instead. Last year, Stuart McPhee was doing a presentation for a large group of people talking about trading and decisions that he need to take and he talked specifically about two things that any trader should have: confidence and comfort.

Trading Mistakes & Excuses

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about trading mistakes and excuses. He says that several years ago him and one of his friends ran a full day of presentations. They had all day different presentations, each of them in a different room. Before they started the day, he asked the audience to write their worst ever trade and the people were quite honest. During a break he took those papers and read all of them. Most of them were still in the trade, had their price unknown, just some classic possible worse case scenarios.

Trading Psychology: Confidence

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about how to get trading confidence. How do you get confidence? You can go to all trading experts, and to all book-shops and everything else and you cannot see a box with confidence in it for $99. There is no way you can go and purchase confidence. Yet, we know that is vital. So, how can you get confidence, do you think how can you develop it? He says that confidence comes from one thing - you. Think about something you are very good at doing, playing golf, play at the piano, running your business. Then think about how confident you are doing it.

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