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Is Trading Hard or Easy?

Trading can be hard and easy - which one is it for you? In this video Stuart McPhee explains specific situations where we are required to be counter intuitive. He was running with one of his friends once and he asked him about trading if it is hard or easy. This is a fantastic question. He is trying to respond in very basic terms. Often, the steps along trading success are not obvious and often the majority of actions and decisions are counter intuitive. Trading really is counter intuitive. He applies this idea to more specific situations.

I Don't Use Technical Trading Indicators

In this video, Stuart McPhee talks about why he doesn't use technical trading indicators in his trading. This is one favorite topic for Stuart when it comes about Technical Analysis. One of the common questions about trading is what are the best indicators to use. He thinks that people have a tendency to complicate things. At the beginning people say that trading is not easy so you think that you need a complicated solution for this to make it work. So you use one indicator to calculate what is the best solution.

Military Experience and Trading

Stuart McPhee shares a trading story from his past focusing on the discipline of trading. He shares his military experience, which was his life's best experience. One of the things he remembers is that every morning he was awake at six A.M. and did an hour and a half of physical training. It was a really intensive stuff, he loved it.

Trading Skills: Patience

In this video, Stuart McPhee discusses why he considers patience a vital skill of top trading. When he first started trading, he felt like he did not want to miss any opportunity. Especially when you have a strategy, you are always afraid not to lose any opportunity. One big thing that helped him move his trading forward was to focus on patience. He used patience so he can focus only on one market and do not choose any opportunity that arrived there.

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