Technical Analysis Tutorial: The Basics

In this video, Stuart McPhee shares his simple yet profoundly effective technical analysis rules. He says that now he is trading medium-term. He had peaks and downs during a three month period that he takes as example. How critical is the timing of this entry? It is not critical at all. If you identify the three peaks and two or three days of drops. Someone could say that one is a previous peak and there must be a continuation of the up-trend and must go to another high peak.

Call Options Tutorial

In this video, Rebecca, from Zecco Sirens, is trying to teach us the basics and talks about the simplest of all options trades: the purchasing of a call option. The Wall Street guys want to make us think that it is very complicated, so you can pay them fat commissions to do it for you. She will show that anyone can understand a call option. Using call option, you will have the right to purchase a stock at a specific price. That price is called the strike price.

Covered Call Options Education

In this video, Liz teaches us how to trade options using a covered call. The world of options trading is a very complicated one. She is going to use Zecco Trading as an options trading platform. A covered call is an investment strategy. You own a specific stock and then you write a call against that stock. By doing that, you will increase the chance of making money on the stock. Everybody knows that when you buy a stock if the price of that stock goes up you make money and if it goes down you loose money. But when you write a covered call you collect option premium immediately.

Investing Basics Tutorial

In this video, Liz from Zecco Zirens is going to talk about Investing. Most people work hard and nobody wants to go for money at a bank. You can invest your money but you don't want to pay a broker to work with your money but in the same time you are nervous about investing alone your own money. So, she is going to show how to put some money on stocks. Investing does not have to be complicated. Investing it is a two step process. First you need to decide what kind of investor you are: A growth investor, a balanced investor or maybe an income investor.

Understanding Stock Trading Fundamental Analysis Tutorial

In this video Veronica from Zecco Zirens will try to teach you the basics of Fundamental Analysis. This is the most common method to evaluate a company stock potential. You can buy a stock because your aunt said to, but sometimes it is a good idea to get more technical than that. Fundamental Analysis is nothing more than checking in the general health of a company. Fundamental Analysis grabs a number of facts from a company, compares those facts with your outlook and the stocks real price and suggests to buy or to sell.

Understanding Stock Trading Technical Analysis Tutorial

In this video, Rebecca from Zecco Zirens talks about Technical Analysis. Everybody talks about Technical Analysis, but very few people actually understand it. The guys from Wall Street are just trying to scare you, but it is quite simple and logical. Technical Analysis simply ignores the fundamentals like earnings and focuses on the short-term supplying demand for a given stock. Is it under valuated? No one cares. Is it overvalued? Not if everyone wants a part of it.

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