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Bill Gates and Warren Buffett talk Business Principles

In this video Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are answering to some questions coming from a student on Keeping America Great. The student asks Warren how do they encourage business leaders to understand contacts and connect the dots. Buffett says that he learned a lot about this in the last year and they have at Berkshire almost seventy managers. He thinks that having some principles takes you through everything and the BedRock principles could take him to remember that he does not need to worry about it because he knows that they work.

Warren Buffett’s Financial Rules

In the times when trust, respect and financial return are hard to come on Wall Street, one man continues to be on top. Those from Good Morning America asked Warren Buffett what advice he can give to all Americans. So he gives some rules:

  • If it is too good to be true, then it probably is
  • Always look at how much the other guy is making when he is trying to sell you something
  • Stay away from leverage

Guy Spier Says Lunch With Buffett Worth It!

Guy Spier had a lunch back in 2007 with Warren Buffett, and according to what he says, it worth every penny. He is speaking now from Zurich, Switzerland, and he says that is one thing to be at a meeting with other people near Buffett, and another thing to be one-on-one with Warren at a table. Warren moved away from being social and was engaging with him that was an incredible feeling, and even just for that feeling it was worth every penny he gave. At the lunch, he says that the most important thing was the approach Warren had to his life.

Warren Buffet Talks About the Economy, USA

In this video Warren Buffett talks about economy, Democratic candidates and businesses on CNBC. First, he talks about the Democrat candidates for the president of the USA, Clinton and Obama. He is not measuring if one of them will be good for economy and he is not expecting the stock market to go up the next day after one of them will be chosen. The real question for Buffett is whether they be good for the economy that he develops, so he is supporting both of them at the moment. Warren Buffett thinks that the best thing in economy at this moment is represented by the stocks.

Warren Buffett - Washington Should Scrap Obama Health Care Bill and Start Over

Warren Buffett thinks that in terms of cost, the US health system is really out of control, and if you project what is going to happen into the future, you will see that US citizens will get less and less competitive. Unfortunately, the bills are not attacking the cost situation that much and the system needs to have a fundamental change, it has to have something that will increase its level.

Warren Buffett Vs America

Warren Buffett says that he reads at least five papers a day and he is invited to go through some headlines from some newspapers. They start with the Wall Street Journal, but depending on which paper you pick up, some of them say that Buffett is very optimistic about the future while other say that he is very concerned. He says that he is very optimistic about the future of the United States, saying that there is no way you can bet against America and win.

Warren Buffett's Opinion on Gambling

Over the years, Warren Buffett earned the respect of people all around the world for his ability to look at the economics of the country. Now, this is the third historical wave of gambling in America, it is a boom cycle now. Warren will share some of the insights that he has about gambling. He gets insights from gambling every day, he gets dozens of letter almost daily from people that have financial difficulties for one reason or another.

How Warren Buffett Evaluates a Company

In this video Warren Buffett talks about PetroChina and how to evaluate a company. The host of the show asks Warren Buffett if he sold his entire statement from PetroChina. He says that he sold it, but it was all based on price. He regrets that he sold it a little too sun, but it was a hundred percent a decision based on valuation. When they bought the business, the whole company was selling for thirty five billion. At the time they sold it, it was a very good price, but it was that about eight times that price.

Warren Buffett's Tax Rate is Lower than His Secretary's

Warren Buffett, one of the most rich people in the world feels he pays too little taxes by percentage. He thinks that most billionaires should pay more for taxes. For this, he compares how much he pays as a tax rate with the people that work for him. It is no secret that Buffett, the oracle of Omaha, doesn't have a great deal in common with his fellow billionaires. He sees a fundamental injustice that he says touches all Americans. The taxation system has affected the middle class in a way that he does not appreciate it too much.

Warren Buffett's Tribute to Benjamin Graham

In this video Warren Buffett talks about Benjamin Graham. He says that it was a pleasure for him to talk about Ben. He remembers that in 1949 he bought a copy of “Intelligent Investor”, and that book not only changed his investment philosophy, but his all life. He would have been another person living in another place without that book. It was Ben's ideas that sent him to the right path. He applied to the Columbia University where he met Ben Graham. When he finished his studies, he said to Ben that he would like to work for him for nothing, but he said that he is overpriced.

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