Trading Plan

In this video, Stuart McPhee makes a description for his website, As you can see looking at the name, the main message is having a trading plan. Stuart can assure you that all successfully traders have a trading plan, they follow it and they do this with a lot of confidence. When you start, it is not quite easy to have a trading plan and implement it that is why his website is here - to help you. The website has over 250 pages of content.

Stuart wants the visitors to really implement a plan. The bottom line is trading success is not going to happen over night, but Stuart McPhee thinks that like many other things in life everything that it's worth achieving does take time. Your journey with trading should be one of constant and gradual improvement. He had many presentations and workshops all over the world and you can download them if you subscribe to his website. He is sure that the way he approaches the market will help you develop your own methodology. On the "About Us" page you can find out more about who Stuart is and what he has done in the trading and you can contact him when you have questions.

Stuart McPhee quotes from this video:

  • You need to have a trading plan to be successful
  • That plan really needs to be simple because simple works
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