Turtle Trading Insights & Trading Like a Robot

Stuart McPhee talks in this video about turtle trading & trading like a robot. Turtles take a group of people, talk to them about some rules and tell those people to go ahead and try them and they quickly have success. In New York you have many graduates colleagues going to very large brokerage companies and being given a trading system to try and a huge amount of the company's money to try with. And that is their job. They receive a trading plan to try it and after that they split the money with the company. But after a period of time a lot of people start to think that they are making a lot amount of money for the company, they have a trading plan that works and they execute it alone, so they ask themselves what are they doing every day for the company instead of working with their own money from their home.

But after another period of time they come back at the company saying that they want back their job. This happens because they had that trading plan that worked and started to work at home with their money but all of a sudden they stopped follow the plan because they decided to change some things. At the office, their performance was not necessary based on how much money they made, their performance was based on how close they follow the plan. Stuart McPhee thinks that this happens because someone is watching them and makes sure that they follow the plan. When they are leaving with the plan which they know that works and they try to execute it, but with nobody watching them so they start to import their own ideas and rules.

It is a simple job, they have the money and the trading plan which they have to follow. So that means that anyone can develop a trading plan, give it to a robot or a computer or an automated system and it would make money. Give it to a person and it will start loose money. So Stuart McPhee thinks that the idea is think at yourself being employed by someone else so all you are is a robot, all you have to do is to follow the plan. If you are not doing that, negative consequences will come, you will lose your job, lose money and other negative things. It is very simple to follow a plan.

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