Ultra Comfort

Ultra comfort is a level of competence whereby you feel a sense of well-being and contentment on a regular basis with your decisions, however you are routinely making decisions that make most traders terribly uncomfortable so uncomfortable, that they often drift away and end up deciding based on what will make them feel most comfortable instead. Last year, Stuart McPhee was doing a presentation for a large group of people talking about trading and decisions that he need to take and he talked specifically about two things that any trader should have: confidence and comfort. Confidence in your own approach, in your methodology and comfort in the risk that you are taking and in the decisions you are making.

Most of the decisions you have to make are counter intuitive. And someone in the audience asked Stuart that if you have to make decisions that are against human nature, that are counter intuitive, how can you feel comfortable with this decisions? He calls this concept "Ultra Comfort". When you trade you have to have confidence, you have to be competent and you have to be comfortable with the decisions you make. Most traders feel very uncomfortable. You know that over time there are principles and rules that you need to follow but which are against your natural instincts. So you need to develop a level of confidence. If you don't have confidence, you will not feel comfortable with your own decisions, that are why most people feel so uncomfortable.

This is Stuart McPhee's idea of Ultra Comfort. You have to move beyond nature and develop a level of ultra comfort. In lot presentations that Stuart has he asks a volunteer in the audience to come to the stage and join the presentation. What he does is he never looks to the public when he asks for a volunteer because if you do that they would feel like obligated. After ten seconds of silence no one comes to join, so he asks again for a volunteer without any eye contact. Again, no one comes. But after a few seconds of silence, someone quits and comes to the stage because otherwise the presentation cannot continue. The interesting thing is that Stuart has nothing for them to do. As a prize for joining to the presentation, Stuart gives one of his books and the volunteer can go back in the audience.

But why does he ask for a volunteer? He wants to prepare a person to come to the stage in front of two hundred people and checks to see if a person is comfortable with this. Because people prefer to stay in their own corner where they feel most comfortable and most secure and they don't want to put themselves at risk. You have to move to that level of competence and make decisions that make most people feel very uncomfortable doing. And that is what Stuart McPhee wants to develop. When after a while you don't do very well on trading, it is better to go back and review your strategy, your methodology and when you do that think also at the Ultra Comfort concept.

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