Warren Buffet Talks About the Economy, USA

In this video Warren Buffett talks about economy, Democratic candidates and businesses on CNBC. First, he talks about the Democrat candidates for the president of the USA, Clinton and Obama. He is not measuring if one of them will be good for economy and he is not expecting the stock market to go up the next day after one of them will be chosen. The real question for Buffett is whether they be good for the economy that he develops, so he is supporting both of them at the moment. Warren Buffett thinks that the best thing in economy at this moment is represented by the stocks. He says that many Canadian companies have operations here, in the US, and through those companies, he made thousand of dollars.

Also, he thinks that the Canadian dollars are very likely to be worth more in terms of the US dollar five or ten years from now. Also, it is more likely that his companies to continue their present policies regarding the US dollar and the Canadian dollar. Speaking about the US dollar, Warren Buffett says that the US dollar is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, and that is what has weaken his power. Many companies make the mistake of buying businesses which they don't understand. Talking about railways, he thinks that this sector does not have any incredible future. With all the mistakes that were made over the years, the market system works pretty well for the United States.

Warren Buffet quotes from this video:

  • Wall Street tense to sell whatever people would buy, nothing new about that
  • The best thing to do is to have wonderful businesses that don't take much capital, that is the best assets you can have.
  • The most important thing in investing is not how big your circle of conference is, it is understanding where the edge is so that you don't get outside of it.
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