Warren Buffett’s Financial Rules

In the times when trust, respect and financial return are hard to come on Wall Street, one man continues to be on top. Those from Good Morning America asked Warren Buffett what advice he can give to all Americans. So he gives some rules:

  • If it is too good to be true, then it probably is
  • Always look at how much the other guy is making when he is trying to sell you something
  • Stay away from leverage

Buffett is very well-known for his love for bridge. So we ask, can bridge make us rich? At bridge, like it is in real life, if you have no partners, is really hard to win something. Everything you learned in the past you can use at the next hand. On the other hand, all problems in the past can help you now, if you pay attention on them. The host of the show asks Warren Buffett what he thinks about americans that put their child into American College Schools in this times. It depends. Generally speaking, investing in yourself is the best thing you can do, no one can take this away from you. If you got talent and you maximize your talent, you get a terrific asset. Communication skills are the most important.

Warren Buffett quotes from this video:

  • No one goes broke if he doesn't have money
  • If you are not working with partners, you have no chance to win
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