Warren Buffett Talks Pepsi and Coke

Warren Buffett thinks that Pepsi is a wonderful company, but he has the old idea that he needs three dollars to drink a Coca Cola with them, and this is how he does day by day. In the past, he started to drink Pepsi when he was six or seven years, but then Pepsi gave you twelve ounces for a nickel, and Coca Cola gave you six and a half ounces, so Pepsi was a good buy at that time. The host of the show thinks that Pepsi is good at any price, and she hopes that one day Warren Buffett will come and say that he love Pepsi products.

He is so used to drink five Cokes a day. Someone tells him that he would want to see him inventing some sort of salt, neutral salt, that isn't bad for you, but to keep the taste of salt. Warren Buffett says to him that he owns a real candy store, See's Candy, so he can come to visit. The video ends with the host saying that she thinks that Pepsi always been strategically much better than anybody else there.

Submitted by YouTube Trader on Sun, 04/04/2010 - 18:36

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