Warren Buffett - Washington Should Scrap Obama Health Care Bill and Start Over

Warren Buffett thinks that in terms of cost, the US health system is really out of control, and if you project what is going to happen into the future, you will see that US citizens will get less and less competitive. Unfortunately, the bills are not attacking the cost situation that much and the system needs to have a fundamental change, it has to have something that will increase its level.

The host of the show asks Warren if he is in the favor of scrapping and going back to start over, and he says that if he would be in the present the president Obama, he would just show what is really been happening. He would try to warn that it is an emergency to do something about this, join the republicans and the democrats, then going to cut off all the kinds of things, like the eight hundred special people in Fort Worth, and they will just going to focus on cost. Then, he is going to came up with something that is going to do something about this cause, because someone has to do it.

Warren Buffet quotes from this video:

  • The health care system needs to have a fundamental change
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