Warren Buffett's Feelings About the Stockmarket and Life

In this video, Warren Buffett gives some interesting insights about his thoughts about the stockmarket and shares his theory about life and luck.

Warren Buffett talks about how investing and owning stocks give you feelings about the stock which aren't reciprocated. Buffett also prefers stock prices to go down... way down, so its like buying the stocks on sale and an investor can make better buys, which will be worth more in 20 to 30 years time.

A member of the audience then asks Warren Buffett, if he had his life over again what would he do. Buffett gives an interesting insight about life and luck. He has a theory of the ovarian lottery, where you don't know how smart you are, what your IQ is, what your genetic disposition is, where you will be born, what colour of your skin, what kind of parents you will have, what your family's social status is. In the end, he claims he was lucky: born at the right place, with the right time with the right skills.

This video is Part 10 of 10 videos of this MBA Q&A Lecture with Warren Buffett. Watch Part 1 of Warren Buffett's Lecture.

Warren Buffett Quotes from this Video:

  • The market knows nothing about my feelings... the stock doesn't know you own it. The stock just sits there: it doesn't know what you paid, it doesn't know that you own it or anything. Any feeling I have about the market is not reciprocated.
  • I have no idea what the stockmarket is going to do. I never do.
  • The stockmarket is like a supermarket of companies.
  • I only work with people I like.
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