Warren Buffett's Tribute to Benjamin Graham

In this video Warren Buffett talks about Benjamin Graham. He says that it was a pleasure for him to talk about Ben. He remembers that in 1949 he bought a copy of “Intelligent Investor”, and that book not only changed his investment philosophy, but his all life. He would have been another person living in another place without that book. It was Ben's ideas that sent him to the right path. He applied to the Columbia University where he met Ben Graham. When he finished his studies, he said to Ben that he would like to work for him for nothing, but he said that he is overpriced.

A few years later, Ben called Warren Buffett and said that he waits for him in New York, and in 24 hours Warren was already there. Ben offered him a job. He says that he was inspired just by being around Benjamin Graham every day. They friendship last until he died, for 25 years. Buffett says that he was a marvellous man. Everyone knows his ideas, the influence they had on security analysis... But his human side was also great, he was a generous man. As a sign of respect, Warren Buffett gave his first son the middle name of Ben, and Ben gave him a camera so he can record what it happens with his son step by step.

In 1976, he moved to California, but they always were visiting. Ben did many good things for his family, so that's why he wants to talk about how a wonderful man he was. Warren Buffett points how remarkable was in 1932 to write a book about security analysis. Benjamin Graham was able to see far in the future, in a very rational way, not being influenced about the events of the time. He didn't treated his students with superiority, he was sharing his knowledge just to help a bunch of students.

Warren Buffet Quotes from this Video:

  • Ben Graham was telling things that we never would have found on our own. He was generous in every way
  • It was a marvellous thing that Ben was born with that brain
  • Once, Benjamin Graham gave me some kind of certificate for free dance lessons. It was the worst investment he ever made
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